How to Prepare Your Heart and Mind for Being a Parent to a Teenager

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It’s never easy when your kiddo hits the teenage years. As a society, we are taught to dread those moments because of the raging hormones, sassy attitudes, and overall tumultuous times ahead. However, you shouldn’t meet your child’s teenage years with fear or disdain in your heart or mind.

When high school rolls around and it’s time for school physicals near me in Fort Mill, make sure you ask questions of the pediatricians to ensure you are mentally and emotionally prepared for what’s to come regarding puberty, hormones, and changes.

Until then, here are a few ways you can actively prepare your heart and mind for being a parent to a teenager.

Build Your Relationship from a Young Age

Doing things with your kids from a young age will solidify the bond you have with them when they are older. Play games, go on trips, spend time getting to know and love their hobbies. Build that trust and bond by taking interest in who they are from the get-go. 


There’s nothing worse than assuming you know everything about the struggles that a teenager, or anyone, is going through. Actively, attentively listen. It doesn’t matter if you think what they are saying is silly or dramatic. They believe what they are saying is serious, so it’s your job to listen, ask questions, and diffuse their concerns.

Side tip: Teenagers are often terrified of the real world and trying to make their way, especially when it comes to finances. Don’t rely on schools to teach them life lessons. Whenever possible, teach your child things they will need as adults, such as know-how about cooking or creating budgets.

As hard as it is to be a parent of a teenager, it’s harder to face the teenage years. You probably remember what it was like. Instead of being an enemy, an authoritarian, or an outsider, choose to be an ally and help your teenager face those difficult years together.