Can a Small Pharmacy Compete with Chains?

The question every small pharmacy owner asks is whether they have the capability to keep up with the big boys in the industry. Chain pharmacies are dominant throughout the United States, but the simple and independent pharmacy can still hold its own in certain circumstances.

Below is a look at the possibility of small pharmacies competing and winning against chain operations, when it comes to patient volume and profits.

Streamlining Operations

The first step to competing with a larger pharmacy is to streamline your operations. If you walk into a chain pharmacy, you will notice that everything is being done on computers. The same should happen at your business.

Start by investing in pharmacy software programs that you can leverage for various aspects of your operation. Such software should be able to handle prescriptions, patient identification document uploading, inventory and much more.

Stay Open During Odd Hours

pharmacy software programs

Perhaps there are chain pharmacies in your area that open during regular work hours each week. That means a pharmacy may be open between 7am and 9pm Monday to Saturday, with fewer hours on the weekend.

If you want your small business to stand out, you may want to consider being open during odd hours. That means either opening up very early or staying open late, depending on when you believe more customers may walk through your doors.

Hire Friendly Staff

One of the issues that patients report when they go into a chain pharmacy is that not everyone is the friendliest. If you want your business to stand out, you should hire people who have a positive and bubbly disposition.

Another way that you can ensure spirits remain high at your pharmacy is to hire enough people to cover all the shifts for the week. Asking fewer workers to stay longer each day will bring down morale.